The first solar travel trailers!

With SolarMoov, discover the world differently, without constraints!


Traveling by electric bike over thousands of kilometers in total autonomy without ever recharging on the mains, you had dreamed of it? It's possible with SolarMoov trailers!

We offer a range of 4 sizes of high efficiency panels to suit your needs. Aim for full autonomy with the 250Wp or 260Wp configurations, and a doubling of your autonomy with the 135Wp or 150Wp panels (for a 500Wh battery) in favorable sunlight conditions.


In addition to gaining autonomy, traveling by solar bike brings you closer together and gives you the opportunity to meet great people.

Believe us, you can get invited every night if you want, because you become a source of inspiration and are no longer just a tourist.

You are becoming the forerunners of a new way of moving that is gentler, closer to nature and more human!



We do this job out of a passion for exploration and long-distance travel: we are therefore our first customers! Beyond designing and selling innovative solutions, our motivation is to help our customers realize their dreams of exploration.


No room for error… Having as clients adventurers who travel the world in the most remote places of the globe obliges us to offer irreproachable quality of products and services. We are forced to build products that last!


No big words or superfluous products, we prioritize simple relationships with our customers and partners, in complete transparency.

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