SolarMoov is the first company, in France and elsewhere, to market solar trailers adaptable to electrically assisted bicycles, allowing you to recharge your bicycle to be able to ride long distances without recharging on the mains.

Our trailers are the result of years of testing and developing the solar bike concept.

These are high-end trailers built in France only from high quality materials and accessories, guaranteeing unfailing durability during competitions such as the Suntrip or long expeditions.

They are now recognized in the world of long-distance travellers, in particular under the 'SunTravel' brand.


At SolarMoov, we are passionate about solo, couple or family bike trips! After discovering the benefits of solar energy on long bike trips, we wanted to share this experience, and from there SolarMoov was born!

Our mission is to contribute to the development of soft and sustainable mobility using solar energy and to inspire our customers to explore the world in a different way independently.


The 'infinity' sign is an integral part of the SolarMoov logo as it symbolizes the unlimited energy produced by the sun, channeled through our products to provide an inexhaustible and free source of power and autonomy for your batteries. Traveling by solar bike then becomes a new form of mobility , and opens the way to more freedom and discovery !



We do this job out of a passion for exploration and long-distance travel: we are therefore our first customers! Beyond designing and selling innovative solutions, our motivation is to help our customers realize their dreams of exploration.


No room for error… Having as clients adventurers who travel the world in the most remote places of the globe obliges us to offer irreproachable quality of products and services. We are forced to build products that last!


No big words or superfluous products, we prioritize simple relationships with our customers and partners, in complete transparency.

SolarMoov, Official Supplier of solar bikes and trailers for the SUN TRIP!

The Sun travel becomes