Kern & Ecoflow

The ultimate solution for recharging all your devices

The handset for unlimited recharging

SolarMoov and Ecoflow have joined forces to create a recharging solution for every situation.

The tiltable solar panel recharges the Ecoflow River2 station, which acts as a buffer battery (256Wh) and charge regulator, delivering a voltage suitable for all devices: a 220V socket for direct connection to the charger of your electric bike or laptop, USB/USB C sockets for smartphones, drones, cameras and a 12V socket for other devices (mini cooler, etc.).

The ideal solution for long trips is to have a second bike battery that charges in the trailer when you’re on the road. This allows you to be 100% autonomous. Alternatively, you can load during breaks.

Perfect integration of station and trailer

With the fixing kit, the Ecoflow River2 station is perfectly attached to the trailer, thanks to an aluminum frame screwed to the trailer’s hull, which fits the station’s feet. This is then secured by a Velcro-type strap system.

A cabling system (external: XLR on trailer side and Anderson on panel side / internal: XT60 ) makes it easy to connect the station to the panel in a watertight manner. The external cable bend is easily removed for easy panel removal.

As the trailer can be locked, the station and the devices being charged are protected from theft and the elements.