The KERN multi-purpose trailer

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With an interior capacity of 120 liters, the KERN can be used to carry your daily shopping (including heavy items such as several packs of water) and is an excellent alternative to the cargo bike. Of course, it can also hold all your camping gear for a family outing or a long expedition.


The hull's central longitudinal edge ensures greater strength, making the trailer self-supporting (patent pending), and also enables all types of interface to be hooked up: drawbar, solar panel, roof bars, center stand, rear wheel. The 20" wheel also offers greater stability and a wide range of tires, including FAT tires. More upgrade options to come!


Thanks to an asymmetrical drawbar and several adjustment positions on the hull, the trailer adapts to all types of bikes (upright, recumbent, trike, etc.) and all wheel sizes (20"-29"). An adaptation to the through axles increasingly found on top-of-the-range bikes is also possible (optional).


- The KERN is waterproof and comes with a quarter-turn key lock as standard. - A reflective safety flag with the SolarMoov logo is also available as an option (2 colors). It is fitted with a 2-piece carbon rim that can be mounted without tools, allowing it to be stored in the trailer.


Thanks to the materials used, the Kern can be used for expeditions or itinerant journeys lasting several months. The shell is made of high-density recyclable PE capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and UV rays. Crutch and drawbar are made of ultra-high-strength chromoly steel to absorb vibrations


All the components (drawbar, flag, 20" wheel and, if required, landing gear) fit inside the trailer body, and the whole unit can be converted into a suitcase thanks to the small integrated wheels and front handle.

Kern, a concentrate of innovation!

Optimized hull design for strength and lightness

Several innovations with patents and registered designs: the Kern’s 120-liter trunk is self-supporting thanks to its longitudinal ‘spine’ (fig. 1 and 2), which stiffens the hull and secures all interfaces (wheels, drawbar, roof bar, etc.). Complementary ribs on the top and bottom faces and slotted holes in the column also reinforce the trailer. These innovations have resulted in a relatively thin skin, keeping weight down: the hull without equipment weighs around 6kg. The self-supporting structure, combined with a 20″ wheel, also absorbs shocks well, so there’s no need for a rear shock absorber.

The box is made of HDPE, making it resistant to UV rays and extreme temperatures. The shell is lightly granulated by bead blasting to limit the appearance of scratches during use. If they are superficial, they can also be smoothed out by light heating. to the damaged area (e.g. with a hairdryer): take care not to overheat, as this may deform the shell!

Fig. 1 - Self-supporting trailer box
Fig. 2 - Self-supporting trailer box

Numerous bike attachment options

Two bike attachment systems: the only trailer on the market to offer this flexibility

It’s not always possible to attach the trailer to the bicycle’s rear axle (e.g. when the axle is too wide). Conversely, some configurations are not compatible with seatpost mounting (trikes, luggage on luggage racks, etc.). You can opt for one or the other. If you own several bikes with different configurations, you can also buy the other type of drawbar individually from our store and interchange the drawbars as required (disassembly / reassembly in less than 10 minutes).

Compatible with most bicycle wheel sizes

Thanks to the asymmetrical, reversible drawbar configuration (Fig3) and height adjustments at the hull level (Fig2), the trailer can be attached to the bicycle for a most wheel sizes (from 20″ to 29″) with ground clearance parallel to the road. These possible adjustments also ensure that the trailer’s double landing gear is correctly positioned to support the trailer and bike.

Fig. 3 - Asymmetrical and reversible drawbar
Fig. 4 - Drawbar adjustment positions

An attachment solution for most bicycle axles

If you choose to attach the trailer to the rear wheel axle, you can replace your standard quick-release through axle with our attachment system (Fig. 5a and 5b), which you screw onto the axle using a 15 mm open-end wrench. The Kern axle can then be left permanently on the bike, with or without the trailer.  

Non-standard axles (top-of-the-range bikes, wheel motors, gear hubs, etc.):

If your bike is fitted with a 12mm diameter thru axle larger than the standard axles, a specific SolarMoov 12mm axle kit can be purchased as an option (Fig. 6).  Adjustment washers are supplied to fit most shaft lengths. 3 thread types to choose from (1mm, 1.5mm and 1.75mm). Note that this solution is compatible with a length oforiginal axis less than or equal à 180mm.

If your bike is equipped with a fixed axle, especially for motor-wheels and gear hubsoptional adapters are available. For wheel motors: 2 adapters available for 12mm and 14mm axles. For gear hubs, two adapters available: M10 axle diameter (compatible with Rohloff, Enviolo, Shimano Nexave, SRAM I-Motion, and SRAM Torpedo) or 3/8 26 axle diameter (compatible with Shimano Nexus, Shimano Alfine)

Fig. 5a - Default KERN axle replacing a standard quick-release axle
Fig. 5b - Default KERN axle replacing a standard quick-release axle
Fig. 6 - 12mm through pin with adjustment rings

Toolless bicycle bolting or tamper-proof screws

The trailer can be fastened to the bike with tool-free clamping handles (Fig. 7), or with tamper-proof screws (with supplied screw bits) to secure the bike/trailer combination against theft (Fig. 8). The 2 screwing systems are included and can be interchanged as required.

A notch system makes it easy to position the bike on the trailer drawbar, and facilitates screwing.

Fig7 - Clamping handles
Fig8 - Tamper-proof screws

A gooseneck drawbar for bikes with oversized axles

The gooseneck drawbar (Fig. 9) is also height-adjustable on the trailer, and the seatpost attachment (Fig. 10) fits most seatpost diameters (27.2mm, 30.9mm and 31.6mm). The drawbar is made of reinforced 25CD4S steel (used in aeronautics and motor sports).

Fig. 9 - Gooseneck drawbar
Fig. 10 - Seat post clamp

Can be converted into a solar trailer with the Solar Attachment Kit

The trailer is designed to accommodate a solar panel that can be tilted +/- 45°, enabling you to recharge your electric bike or other equipment (PC, drone, cameras, etc.) while traveling. 

In our store, we offer a basic fastening kit  for a solar panel on a KERN trailer, enabling anyone to mount their own tiltable panel up to a maximum surface area of 0.75m2. The panel should be mounted on a standard 40x20mm aluminum profile (visible on Fig 11 & 13). 

If you are interested in a solar trailer assembled by us (including fastenings, solar panel, panel base, solar charger and appropriate connectors), please contact us.

We have solutions that fit most bikes via MPPT solar chargers (for Bafang, Bosch, Brose, Decathlon batteries) or Ecoflow-type portable stations for other brands.

Fig11 - Panel fasteners (1)
Fig12 - Panel fasteners (2)
Fig13 - Panel fasteners (3)

The ultimate solution with the KERN_Ecoflow handset for recharging everything

SolarMoov and Ecoflow have joined forces to create a recharging solution for every situation.

The tilting solar panel recharges the Ecoflow River2 station, which acts as a buffer battery (256Wh) and charge regulator, delivering a voltage suitable for all devices: 220V for direct connection to the charger of your electric bike or laptop, USB/USB C sockets for smartphones, drones, cameras and a 12V socket for other devices (cooler, etc.).

See more details on

Evolving rear-wheel attachments for FAT tires, disc brakes, wheel motors and other accessories...

We’ve designed scalable fasteners of the rear wheel (dropout – Fig 14) to accommodate a 20″ wheel, larger than the majority of trailers on the market. The advantage is, on the one hand, better handling on rough roads and, on the other, the possibility of easily finding technical tires adapted to difficult conditions.

The trailer is also compatible with a 4″ wide FAT wheel (Fig. 15 – wide rim required, available soon in the store), a disc brake (disc attachment present on spoke and spoked wheels) or a motor-wheel.

Additional holes are also provided for the attachment of various equipment, such as signal flags, mudguards and lighting.

Fig14 - Evolving wheel attachments
Fig15 - FAT 4" tire compatible

Transforms into a suitcase during transport

The ‘wheel axle’ drawbar and 20″ wheel can be stored in the trailer trunk alongside your personal belongings (Fig. 16).

The handle and small integrated wheels allow the trailer to be rolled like a suitcase, making it easy to transport by train or plane (Fig. 17).

Fig16 - Wheel and drawbar in trunk
Fig17 - Kern 'suitcase

Roof racks for transporting bulky items

EVA-foam-covered aluminum roof bars allow you to carry a surfboard, cardboard box or other bulky object.

Oblong holes all around the trailer allow straps to be inserted to hold bulky objects on the roof bars.

Fig18 - Kite surfing on Kern
Fig19 - Aluminium roof bars

A SolarMoov safety flag

A SolarMoov safety flag is available in the store. It can be dismantled for easy storage in the boot of the KERN trailer. Both tubes are made of carbon, and the pennant can be quickly installed on the trailer without tools. The logo is reflective. 2 colors available: yellow and orange

Fig. 20 - Solarmoov flag
Fig 21 - Detail of pennant parts
Fig22 - Flag mounting

A new way to ride

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